In my humble opinion these are rules that every driver should live by. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that these should be memorized by every 15-year old in America and if they can't learn them then they should be tatoo-ed across the back of their hands. Plus there should be refresher courses once a year; every six months for anyone over 60. Refresher courses can also be mandated by the general public (see rule 5.) Oh, by the way....none of this written test only crud either. EVERYONE receives a driving test.

I reserve the right to change, modify, add or subtract to these at any time. These are derived my own experiences and from that of others as well. Feel free to mail me your comments/suggestions.

10) Cell phones and/or alcohol do not mix with driving.

9) Onramp = Accelerate

8) Left lane = fast; Right lane = slow

7) You do NOT own the left lane (Yes, this applies to SUV owners too!)

6) Cruise control is meant to rest your FOOT not your BRAIN

5) If you see "birds" in your rear-view mirror you've been ignoring some/all previous rules.

4) Your seatbelt won't save you from my gun.

3) They'll always give you 5. (mph)

2) Screw yellow lights. (Disclaimer: poor applications of this rule may result in death or injury.)

1) Never **EVER** follow a bus.