Ken Kresha
  • Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, General Badassery
  • Ken's the muscle behind this outfit. When he called us from his bunker somewhere in the depths of undisclosed hillside, we had no choice but to respond. "I'm putting the band together, boys. You're in it." After all, no one says no to the Crusher. That man can rock.
Steve Boyd
  • Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Romancing your sister
  • You can't have a blues band without the blues. Listening to Steve's voice is like looking at your own tear stained reflection in the bumper of a 1972 cadillac as your baby runs you down in the street. Naked Steve never asked for soul. He was just born with it.
Donn Weisser
  • Percussion, Vocals, Underworld Contacts
  • Every beast has a heartbeat, and The Resistors are no exception. Donn "The Bullet" Weisser fuels the cool with a devilish grin. He has played in every juke joint along the Muddy MO. Ain't a man alive hasn't heard him through the back alley doorways of Kansas City.
Matt Myers
  • Electric Bass, Rhythm whispering
  • Wondering what that throb in your chest is? 10 to 1 odds say it's this man laying it down and rockin' the house. Raucous, yet smooth and sly, you'll be wondering what truck hit you, with only a distant thump, thump, thump as a miniscule hint as to what happened.

Honorable Mentions:

Colin Killmer
  • Electric Bass, Vocals, Smartass Retorts (from Texas)
  • He's more of a feeling than a person. If you find your head bobbing up and down, your ass shaking to the music, and notice that your girlfriend ain't looking your way, you know it's him.