Here you will find an ever growing list of songs that I've written, but don't really know what to do with. At this point, I don't really know whether they'll be acoustic only or electric or a mixture of the two. Enjoy though and if you like a particular song, please drop me a message and say so.

This particular song was an easy one to choose as "first." This is a song I started writing the day after my mom passed away on July 19 of this year. It's a 'bare-bones' recording, which only has voice and my very first guitar - a Hondo II acoustic. The guitar is very beat up and has to be tuned to the chord you are playing because the intonation up and down the neck is so out of whack. It's what I had in Nebraska when I wrote the music though and its in the original key as well. There is a 16-bar section toward the end which is empty now and will have a flute and possibly a harmonica to fill the space with.

Heaven's Gate